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Mats, 1 januari 2012


Tack för en fantastisk hemsida!

Ni har gett mig fler seriösa förklaringar än sjukvården gjort på 4 år.


Det skulle vara bra om hemsidan gick att skriva ut. Kommer med fler inlägg senare...



Vulnerable 20th May 2010


I have had a year of hell, going to different neurologists, have numerous tests done for symptoms as listed:intermittent left facial hemispasm, loss of balance to the left, spasm of left leg, weakness of left arm, weakness right arm resolved(on it's own), swallowing difficulty resolved(on it's own), intermittent spastic gait, intermittent blurred vision, intermittent occipital headaches. Only abnormality found was cervical stenosis on MRI with c5 bulging disc, no spinal compression noted. I saw another neurologist that suggested I have conversion disorder. I have been looking for a diagnosis but that one was hard to swallow. Especially since I have seen counselors, psychiatrists my whole adult life, reviewing the ugliness of my childhood, yada yada. So I didn't feel I had anything left repressed so to speak. This information has made me more open minded to the scheduled psych appt. If this is truly the diagnosis then there is hope for me to return to my passion of horseback riding, and the job I so love-nursing. I will post as to whether I get better or not. At this point, I will embrace whatever treatments necessary to give me my life back.



Hannah 28th Jan 2010


What a great website!I have just been diagnosed with a Functional Movement Disorder. Ironically I started to recover before I got the diagnosis but I'm still glad I found out about what I have, and that there are other people out there with the same symptoms! Mine started with twitches in my back, and progressed to muscle spasms which pulled my head and shoulders forward.


At its worst it pulled my head down to my waist. I also had a shaking right hand. The spasms were set off my contact (especially to hands and feet) and loud noises like Fireworks. I also had two episodes where I had flailing arms, like I was playing the drums. I've been lucky in that I haven't had any pain, but it has been very debilitating and I've had 3.5 months off work, and for a month of that time didn't really leave my flat. My Gp and Professor of Neurology could not tell me what was wrong, which was very scary. In the end it was a Neuropsychiatrist who gave me the diagnosis. I  have found that a combination of alternative treatments and counselling has really been invaluable. I've discovered that I hold tension in my muscles and skeleton which has played a factor in my problems. So, a combination of physical and emotional treatments has really worked. Of course I have paid for all of this myself, if I'd been diagnosed earlier the hospital would have given my occupational therapy, psychaitry and physio-therapy but by the time they told me what was wrong I had sorted myself out by other means (as above). This website is fab - it answers all my questions (is it my fault  etc!) and makes me feel like I am not alone. Keep up the good work. More info at

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